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bucky barnes x nurse reader. Day at the Park | dad!Bucky Barnes x reader Requested by anon / Summary: You and Bucky take your daughter to the park. #peter parker x reader #peter parker #spiderman #spider man x reader #parker #imagine #story #peter #cacw #Stark More you might like bucky buckybarnes bucky barnes james barnes marvel wattpad fanfiction fangirl oc bucky x oc just write. Warnings / Content: Fluffy fluff. Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Enhanced!Reader: Where - Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Enhanced!Reader: Where Gods Do Fear to Tread [Ch. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Plus size Reader. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Nurse!Reader. Bucky Barnes~Shyness For A Soldier. Pairing: Bucky x Reader Warnings: Fluff mostly, drinking, unwanted advances A/N: The first part of my holiday series. Pairing: Steve x Reader, Reader x Bucky. Warnings: Pregnancy related sicknesses, blood, pregnancy related anxiety, talk of abortions, smut (only under the heading week 20 so you can skip that part if you'd like), lots and lots of fluff, protective Bucky. Will he change his mind later? Words: 2. Why?| Bucky Barnes x Reader. Read Comfort (Bucky Barnes x reader) from the story Readers Assemble! by MegLPie (Meg) with 21,424 reads. July 06, 2017. Fanfic Recs. Word Count: 1,382. Bucky Barnes james bucky barnes winter soldier x reader marvel masterlist yandere x female reader. I Protect You - Bucky x Reader. The reader begins working as a waitress at Bucky Barnes’ favourite club in town. The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future. God, this was embarrassing; you hadn't even spoken to the man properly and you were. [ smut / trigger warnings are at the beginning of chapters. set up — bucky barnes a/n: sorry i haven’t been very active, I got into nursing school and then we had to put my dog down, so it’s been a lot lately also if you’d like a part two just let me. 1943 and after moping around when your boyfriend leaves for the war you decide to do your part and enlist as well (as an army nurse). When Coulson encouraged her to take a position at the new Avenger's facility, she hesitated - she wasn't a fan of change. :') [Part 1] Guess who finally watched Civil War and just wants this boy to rest. Differently | Bucky Barnes x reader Summary: You treat Bucky differently than the other Avengers do. Challenge: "9 Months" challenge by crackleviolet. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader. Bucky makes your blood boil like no other man can. So since some asked for more Bucky and because he’s getting a lot of attention, come send in a request for him! take care (bucky barnes x reader) summary: bucky takes care of you when you're sick. Some of these are pretty dramatic, others are more wholesome, I hope you enjoy! Barnes Bucky Barnes X Reader. In a twisted turn of events, the two of you are stuck on a road trip from hell. I'll (Never) Love Again - Masterlist. bucky barnes x reader. Warnings: Choking (reader and Bucky), Pussy slapping, implied group sex, public sex, fingering, smut, 18+, minors DNI, cream pie, oral (fem rec) exhibitionism, voyeurism, masturbation, praise kink, overstimulation, belly bulge. I'll never let anyone hurt you -. 8] Summary: You can teach an old dog new tricks, but it's going to cost you. Welcome to my Crappy Writing Blog — What You Want : Bucky Barnes x Reader. Woo! Plot: Tony got tickets for the best Halloween Party in town Word count: 3178ish. Bucky Barnes x readerwarnings:a/n: Show more notesLoading See more posts like this on Tumblr. Warnings: A shameful amount of angst. Warnings: Fighting, Guns, Fluff. As Bucky Barnes comes into your life, the game changes, and you realise falling for the man tasked with keeping you safe is the last thing you expected. Unanticipated Moves | Bucky Barnes x reader Summary: Bucky offers to show you a few moves, not knowing you were a trained assassin by the one and only Natasha Romanoff. Otherwise known as Bucky. ( bucky barnes ) - - Wattpad Posie Parker, kidnapped by the Red Room and trained as an assassin before being sold off to Hydra, was brainwashed and tortured into the killer she is today. Disclaimer: There are NO SPOILERS for Endgame in this story!. About Us ; Bucky barnes x reader pregnant. "Sorry, Miss. James Buchanan Barnes is struggling. Portia Natalia Barnes was born at 11:28 am, almost two days ago now. contains moderate bad language. (Y/N) Your name. Reader has element manipulation. A/N: Hope you like it! ↳ Tap "Keep Reading" to explore all of the one shots in the. When Y/N’s older brother Steve gets into a near fatal accident, she’s the emergency contact. Warnings: Fighting, Guns, Fluff Words: 1472 Masterlist This mission has. Cold Facts About Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier That doesn't stop him, however, of having a favourite costumer. Just a warning for meantions of abuse. Being Bucky Barnes personal nurse would include: He thought it was a stupid idea, he wasn't a child who needed someone to patch up his paper cuts ; mcu bucky barnes bucky barnes bucky barnes x you bucky barnes x reader bucky imagine the winter solider fanfiction headcanon gn reader. POV Switch It was only 8:15 when Bucky came into the compound, looking nearly frantic. And what did you deduce, Nurse?" Bucky asked, turning to you. Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers Falling is Like This (in progress): Steve x Bucky x OFC - Soulmates AU. Sam watched the other man on the sofa, confusion in his mind. Bucky sees you in some new leggings. Forgive Me (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader Summary: Reader and Bucky are Summary: Reader and Bucky are enemies who prank eachother and annoy eachother all the time until one insult is taken too far, Bucky must do everything he can to make it up to the reader. bucky barnes x you bucky barnes x reader bucky barnes smut bucky barnes x reader smut marvel smut oneshot series bucky barnes ooooooh its spicy not that much is happening here what do you think very curious to what you. bucky barnes imagines Fanfiction. Bucky pulls a face, heart cramping painfully in his chest. 2042 words. " He whispered, the words coming out like bile. You had always had a celebrity crush thing on the 1940's war hero, Bucky Barnes. He has deep, steve asked you dazed eyes of the spell out of warm now bucky staking a avengers fanfiction tony truth spell sarcastic no one notices. Chapter 8: Drunk in Love * Chapter 9: Pour in onto the Page. Discover more posts about bucky+barnes+x+nurse!reader. oneshots, marvel, pietromaximoff. Word Count: 1,149. You had stared at the strange man in shock. Discover more posts about bucky+barnes+x+reader. Bucky x Reader One shot Avengers high school A/U Warnings: bullying language abuse attempted rape A/N: something that popped into my head. The only men who made you wish you were anything but the Goddess of Purity. copy link to post. Bucky let out a chuckle at Wanda's words. As he got out of the elevator, he tossed his coffee cup in the trash can nearby before jogging down the hallway to where your hospital room was. 1640084158. James Buchanan Barnes on the 15th day of August, in the bustling year of 1938. Word Count: 25K. Nurse Y/L/N was simply looking at my shoulder. James "Bucky" Barnes. Bucky Barnes x Reader "Requested by anon: Can I request an Avengers x reader, Bucky x reader fic where the reader was a Hydra experiment at a hydra base Sam got the attentions of the attending nurses and doctors and they put Bucky on a stretcher, you instinctively followed them. Read Nurse (40's!Bucky Barnes x fem!reader) from the story Readers Assemble! by MegLPie (Meg) with 10,209 reads. Word Count: ~15k. fanfiction, buckybarnes, marv. " A nurse stops you before you can walk through the double doors. Where do we go from here (3- Final) Bucky Barnes x Reader. I'm Sorry - The reader and Bucky are arguing about having children and it ends up reaching new heights. (H/C) Your hair color. Biker!Bucky x nurse!reader “bucky barnes is a magnet for danger, bad karma, and pretty woman. IMAGINES — Stop Hiding (Bucky Barnes x reader) top lifeasadorkwithnolife. Pairing: biker!Bucky x reader. Literature. Summary: Bucky offers himself up as a seat and Reader isn't too keen on taking him up on the offer. — Someones mad- Bucky Barnes x reader hot buckyslittlegal. A mob!Bucky x Reader fic. (A/N): okay so because I have given myself a lot of post anxiety I’ve decided to listen to smart people and start small, so I’ll be just posting some really short drabbles to build up to some of the several chapter fics I’ve been. jeez "Jesus Christ!" Bucky cried from the far corner of the Halloween store. steve rogers x reader x bucky barnes masterlist. A one shot where you the reader teach our fave duo, Bucky and Steve, about tech stuff and they see your vintage pin-ups and start asking you annoying things about why a lady like yourself has such lewd things laying about and well you share sailor swears with them. Scars Bucky Barnes x Reader You were a nurse at the Avengers complex which was interesting and boring at the same time. Goosebumps (Bucky Barnes x Reader). idc if yall think im basic hes just. Bucky Barnes Is Daddy. keywords: bucky barnes x reader; slow burn; friends to lovers; some (a lot of) bickering; angst. Words: 702. She loved getting to work with her friends. bucky x reader bucky imagine bucky blurb 40s!bucky 40s 40s!bucky x reader 40s!bucky x nurse!reader bucky barnes fluff bucky x reader fluff bucky barnes x reader bucky x nurse!reader i might finish this bucky x black!reader 40s!bucky x black!reader. Bucky Barnes x Reader | Part 7. Bucky Barnes Headcanons Masterlist. Themes: smut, explicit language, degradation kink, fluff. Anxiety// Bucky Barnes x Reader One-Shot. Yesterday had started out as magical as any other had this summer, your. Bucky Barnes Masterlist Created: 04/21/20 Last Updated: 05/03/21 The Waitress - The reader works at a small mom and pop diner as a Waitress, one day someone walks in trying to threaten the diner. It's chaos - people in lime green scrubs pace through the room, carrying devices and towels and whatnot. Chapter 6: Love Between the Covers * Chapter 7: Love Lines & Soul Finds. Being Steve's daughter and dating Bucky would include: Bucky Barnes x Reader. There you stay under the protective gaze of one (1) highly trained soldier with a vow to protect you with his life. The notorious biker gang she finds littering the hospital is unexpected and so is the news that Steve is the leader’s best friend and right hand man, the infamous James Buchanan Barnes. Mild self-consciousness (reader). A/N: Well, wow. August 1938. Character: Bucky Barnes. Bucky asked, his eyes scanning down her body, taking in each bruise and the cast wrapped around her left arm. Bodyguard!Bucky x reader “When an unknown threat enters your life, protection is offered at the highest level. summary; You took care of Bucky's wounds after Steve saved him and the rest of the Howling Commandos from sucker punch , bucky barnes. Bucky Barnes x Reader-Bucky's First Laugh by @drabblewithfrannybarnes. 2 Megan Parker 3 Relationships with Other Characters 3. Summary: After one drunken one night stand Bucky wants nothing to do with Y/n. See a recent post on Tumblr from @serpienten about james bucky barnes x nurse!reader. (Part 3) Summary: Reader started to question their relationship and then walks in on something she never expected. Action Fanfiction Romance Marvel Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan. There is a fair bit of plot. Prompt: "I don't Family Gatherings (Bucky x Reader). They wheel Derek in on the gourney. bucky barnes x reader cute. (Soulmate!AU) In a world where soulmates share wounds and scars, you are born missing your left arm. Arms Over Legs (Bucky x reader). Thank you so, so SOO much. To say I’m blown away by all the love this fic got, would be an understatement. There was no way you would make it to class now, they had held you up pushing you against the lockers jeering at you for being normal. Summary: Bucky gets saved by one of the most notorious witch hunters - you. Sergeant James. He was leaning against the counter, nursing a glass of alcohol. Notes: I really tried to find out what they did in the late 30s-40s but it was a pain so when I found ‘Arithmetic’ I just went with it. (Bucky Barnes x Reader): Nightmares Summary: Reader has a nightmare and Bucky has to snap her out of it. A/N: Just a short cute lil one shot I thought of. You quickly glanced at your clock. Originally introduced as a. Originally posted by sebastiansource. It was around 12:35 AM as she was walking, because she had just gotten off at 12. Request: bucky x fem!reader fic where reader sees bucky with sam's nephews and she REALLYYYY wants to have a baby with him in the future? A/N: ohmygosh, I loved writing this so much. A progression through time, starting in 1933 and into the present day. buckybarnes, oneshots, marvel. Warnings: None just fluff. Notes: TW for violence, blood and death! It was then that your instincts kicked in, and although they were rusty, your nurse instincts intertwined with the fighting instincts that the Avengers were trying to instill in you. "He asked if I was gonna get you to kill him and his family. Danddymaro — Perfect | Bucky Barnes x Reader. Nothing is known about him save for the single scrap of paper that was found in his pocket after he was brought in one warm summer night, following his collapse outside the Smithsonian. He started walking towards you shaking his head. 21 December 2021 reblogged from. Hope you guys enjoy xx Tag list is at the. " Bucky glared at the private. You have important news to tell Bucky, but you're not sure how he'll take it. And they sorta see a pin-up you did yourself. Oral (M receiving), Switch reader, Switch Druig, Praise kink, Teasing, Mocking, Minors DNI. You threw back the covers and ran from your room to Bucky's across the hall. Female Reader X Bucky. Another Time, Another Place [Bucky Barnes x Female Reader] rizwritesfandom. Pairing: Surgeon!Bucky Barnes x Nurse!Reader. warnings: slight eternals spoilers. Feedback is welcome as always! *** You sprinted as fast as you could. Rating: PG-13. Barnes!" you hissed looking at his eyes. He’d do anything to prove her wrong. This is my first oneshot and my first reader insert so I hope you like it. Take advantage of exclusive store offers, online promo codes, and latest deals on B&N products. Meddling Friends (Bucky Barnes x fem!reader). Smut, fluff. Bucky watched you from the moment you opened your eyes this morning, a quick kiss and then you were out of bed. Only Bucky and Loki knew who the (h/c) cat actually was, and they intended to keep it that way. Summary: After Bucky says something he regrets, he distracts you while on a mission…and you nearly pay for it with your life. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THISTHIS IS MEANT TO BE A FUCKING AESTHETIC FOR A 40'S BUCKY BARNES X NURSE READER FIC*EDITED* HEAL ME MASTERLIST And here it is!!. Bucky came into the scrub room just as you've finished scrubbing in. Summary: You find out the reason why the Winter Soldier comes out even without the trigger words. Pairing: Biker!Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader. Morning Run Part 2 (Steve Rogers x reader x platonic!Sam Wilson). is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Bucky's face when he found out, all the possible scenarios, was the only thing running through my head before I fell into a restless doze. Pairing: 1940s!bucky x reader. — (fem!nurse!reader x 1940s!bucky). — (fem!reader x boxer!bucky). The Patient in Room 212 (Complete) AO3 | Bucky Barnes x Fem!Nurse!Reader The coma patient in room 212 is an enigma. Paring: Druig x F!Eternal reader. Bucky Barnes x Reader (Uni AU). The pressure is becoming unbearable, but an old friend of your older brother’s might turn out to be your saving grace. Chapters: 8 - COMPLETE. Little does she realise that working on mob territory owned by the infamous King of New York, Bucky Barnes, comes with it’s quirks as the reader is slowly pulled into the mobster life. iamoutofideas. You were studying to become a nurse, while Bucky was deeply considering joining the military, but hadn't truly made a commitment, just a simple thought. This is my first ever one-shot! Bucky Barnes Fluff Masterlist - I'm a dreamer. "Ma'am, you can't come into the operating room. Hospital Bed (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Thank you to @capsheadquaters!!!! Summary: Y/N gets shot and Bucky and Clint have to help. (E/C) your eye color. GIF от marvelhor22. Yellow Rose~Part 2 (1940s Bucky Barnes x Female Reader) Catch up here: Prologue Part 1 (PHOTO AND GIF NOT MINE, CREDIT GOES TO OWNERS) Words: 1733 (HOLY CRAP) Pairing(s): 1940s Bucky Barnes x Female. Pairing: Werewolf Steve x Original Female Character Summary: As far as anyone knows Steve Rogers downed the Valkyrie and woke up 66 years later after being. James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes Jr. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x injured!Reader Summary: After a high-risk mission gone horribly wrong, you are confined to a hospital. the experiment. A/N - imagine working for hydra and being buckys 'nurse' & you help him escape but you get caught & he comes back a week later w the avengers & ur all beaten n broken but he helps u and cute and. bucky barnes bucky barnes x reader bucky barnes smut lesbiiionest 40s bucky 40s!bucky barnes smut cc!mcyts x reader. A/N: The long promised pregnancy fic. Broken - Part 2 - Bucky Barnes x Reader Part one Summary: After losing control of his mind and hurting you badly and leaving you nearly dead, Bucky has made his mind on what he’s going to do. Warnings: PWP, breeding and daddy kink. Bucky placed you down and, with a sassy "Mew!" you wandered away. Bucky Barnes x Teen!Reader Oneshot--Escape. #bucky barnes #bucky x reader. NONE of the violent or invasive acts depicted in this work should be done or. summary; Bucky thought he knew what was his, until he accidentally let it roam free. Word Count: 5443. a motorcycle crash lands him in reader’s ER, and it looks like he. Yelena Belova. Bucky x reader. Life as a cat was a lot of fun; attention and fuss, love and affection. || Bucky Barnes x Reader soap-bubble-nebula Requested by anon: Can I request an Avengers x reader, Bucky x reader fic where the reader was a Hydra experiment at a hydra base and whenever she couldn’t use her powers properly, they made Bucky (as the Winter Soldier) inflict punishments on the reader. Warnings: Dare I say… fluff. Discover more posts about james-bucky-barnes-x-nurse!reader. Bucky Barnes (Foreigner's God Headcanons)— For readers 18+ Warnings: Mentions of Yandere elements, brainwashing (not of reader) Warnings: Mentions of Yandere elements, brainwashing (not of reader), obsession. updated regula. Summary: After opening a bakery a little over a year ago the reader gets a new regular customer and maybe something more. Summary: (Reader x Bucky x Thanos) You saved the life of a member of the Avengers but now your own life hangs in the balance because of your courageous act as a feared Titan Reader x Bucky x Avengers x Thanos. The Avengers coming home, Gwen Stacy with powers is steady in Peter's life and Peter has grown out of Tony's shadow with realizing how toxic it was. Warnings: 18+. Hazel was comfortable with her job on Coulson's team at SHIELD. Bucky Barnes x Reader-A Preacher's Punishment by @little-diable. (S/C) your skin color. 5K Warnings: pregnancy, angst til the very end but of course happy ending A/n: So first of all I'm sorry for this part being so late but life has been a little bit busy lately, butttt the most important thing is that. See a recent post on Tumblr from @flowercrown-bucky about bucky+barnes+x+reader. I mean, we're definitely open to the idea, lemme tell. You hated Bucky Barnes, and maybe hate was such a strong word to use, but how else would you categorize it?. Yandere Peter Parker x Fem! reader. updating weekly, every wednesday (hopefully!); let me know if you'd like to be in the tag list! Click here to check it out! Posted 1 month ago with 257 notes Tagged: #bucky barnes x reader #emwrites. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Gender Neutral Reader (the one thing is he calls the reader ‘doll’ a lot but hey if you don’t mind that then it’s totally gender neutral!) Warnings: Major character death, crying, cussing, a shit ton of angst so buckle up. Anon asked for a continuation, and I honestly had no idea what to write. a/n: go watch eternals and fall in love with him so i get more requests for him. Run-through: While spending Christmas break with his family, your boyfriend accidentally finds out about a certain kink of yours, and he has fun with it while the two of you are all alone in his parents' house. Summary: You and your best friend have been property of Hydra since you were children. Bucky coaxed softly, gently brushing his boy's bangs out of his eyes with his metal fingers, cupping his face gently after. Pairing: Surgeon!Bucky Barnes x Nurse!Reader. A/N: just a little drabble i wrote while I was trying to complete study guides for my final exam. now you guys got me wanting to make a Baby Barnes series. Doing What You Wanted - The reader comes home after a long day and Bucky helps her wind down. Firebug Masterlist. Warnings: smut, fluff, angst, pregnancy, breeding and daddy kink. A/N: more marvel characters and other fandoms to come. in which the fem!reader takes part in various cute and fluffy scenarios involving themselves and bucky barnes (and some sebastian stan too). Bucky Barnes Masterlist Posts with (*) denotes to the imagine/drabble containing smut Ask me to be tagged in future works [[MORE]]Nightmares Summary: Your first encounter with 'H' & 'G' (Hansel and Gretel - Bucky Barnes). Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Nurse!Reader. (Firefighter!Bucky x Baker!Reader) Happy Campers 2 3. Characters: Reader, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers (mentioned) Peggy Carter (mentioned), Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Setting: future but they still have a place in Stark now Avengers tower in New York. BUCKY BARNES- THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER SebasArtStudio 29 3. Just Give Us The Money! (Y/N) was walking home from work. Summary: The war pulls you and Bucky apart but the love that you have for each other will hold you Bucky's side of the bed cold and empty as your tears soaked the pillow. After a night she would rather forget, S. Summary: Your childhood best friend decides to purchase the summer camp you went to as children on a whim. Word Count: 873. [Bucky Barnes X Reader] *1st person POV* *** Y/N has always kept to herself to avoid others from discovering her abilities. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader, Steve Rogers x reader, Stucky x reader. She had a long day working as a nurse, and felt tired. Peerage (Bucky Barnes x reader, modern royal AU) Complete Summary: Your royal life has just become all the more complicated by a new agreement that your father signed alongside the prime minister. Warnings: Mentions of blood, violence, minor cursing. Pairing: Bucky X Reader. And you knew that you had to. The teen swallowed thickly, shedding more tears. #bucky fanfic #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes fanfiction #bucky barnes fanfic #bucky barnes fic #buckyIn this Coffee Shop | JJ Maybank x reader. The dark halls filled with an ear piercing squeal of a woman crying in pain. Requested by anon / Summary: JJ overhears you and your father talkingY'all I passed my second nursing exam with a 81. Baby Barnes - The reader and Bucky have a little girl and she decides she only wants her daddy. A/N: anon who requested this, I hope it's what you wanted and that you enjoy!. GenerallyNerdy Tiny (Bucky Barnes X Male!Reader) Summary: Tony Stark and Bruce Banner have one rule- well, one rule that everyone actually tries to listen to- in the compound. Originally posted by veronikaphoenix. You disappeared during WWII and were never seen again. After a war broke out in Asgard, you were sent away to a neighboring Kingdom for safety but was instead dropped in Midgard- Earth. Warnings: language Word Count: 3388 Darkness…. Warnings: strong language, a bit of violence, mentions of blood, slightly-less douchey Bucky, eventual smut, 18+, a little mouth wrestling action, language, MINORS DNI. Druig x reader. Find official Barnes & Noble promo codes and coupons. “ Leave This Town by @avengerofyourheart Mechanic!Bucky x reader AU. Your wedding was small but intimate. You had become accustomed to Bucky's nightmares, but this one seemed really bad. When you finally meet your soulmate, Bucky feels guilt for not only what he has done, but for the scars that mark your body the same as his. It was a silly crush because the hero was long gone, Right? You always knew he was dead but that changed when your friend, Steve. Chapter 12. Summary: Time, noun. Nurse Barnes Summary: Bucky takes care of you after a hard mission Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader Warning: injury, some blood, fluff [[MORE]]The mission was a success, though it didn’t come without. Pairing: 1940s!bucky x modern!reader, 1940s!steve x modern!reader, implied stucky, implied bucky x steve x reader. Even when it's Bucky who is their best friend. He rushed over to you and threw his arms around you. bucky barnes x you bucky barnes drabble bucky barnes x wife!reader bucky barnes x female reader bucky barnes x reader dad!bucky barnes dad!bucky barnes x reader gamer Summary: Bucky is happy to have you back in his O. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6. Nighttime Injuries (Bucky Barnes x reader) The screams from Bucky's room woke you. Read The Missing Date (Bucky Barnes x fem!reader) Soulmate AU from the story Readers Assemble! by MegLPie (Meg) with 9,457 reads. 0 0 Read Time: 1 Second. After losing your job and. 𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : You find Druig once again and you want to prove you missed him. One morning you woke up, Bucky's metal arm resting gently round you as he slept. The counselor tells him you aren’t real. You'd only seen him briefly around the base, but from what you had seen (and what you had heard from the other James Buchanan Barnes. Chapter 2: Cookie Crumble Chapter 3: Sweet Anticipation Chapter 4: Read Between the Limes Chapter 5: Secrets on the Shelf. A bunch of long reader x Bucky Barnes. You became Mrs. Bucky Barnes x reader (Bookshop/Bartender/Baker AU) Chapter 1: Enchantment. Main Characters: Bucky x Reader. This was a true labor to write. Discover more posts about james bucky barnes x nurse!reader. But they were so brave when the nurse was. Bucky Barnes Recovering. He turns his head and looks back, still holds her down - she can't move all too much right now, it's what the nurse told him. Bucky Barnes. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Originally posted by ladyfallonavenger. Au X Reader Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier James Buchanan Barnes. He squeezed your front against his chest. bucky x y/n bucky barnes bucky barnes smut daddy!bucky daddykink first post marvelsmut marvel bucky barnes x reader bucky barnes x original female character 2 notes Mar 28th, 2020. You threw open the door and saw Bucky thrashing around in his bed. Just some quick notes. A/N: not requested, but i thought this idea was cute. A/n: Here’s a. Finding You (Bucky Barnes x Reader) 8/? A/N: three weeks back into uni and it is kicking my ass so here’s the next chapter loves!Summary: You’ve been one of SHIELD’s top spies for years but what. He can’t tell the difference between memory and dreams. There, you meet Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

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